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Early Days

I was born in 1849 (that's me between my two sisters). My father become very wealthy after selling mining equipment in Victoria's gold rush. One day, on a business trip with my father, I found a time machine in a discarded mine shaft. Before I knew it, I was zapped to 1995. Since then I have been trying to get back home...

OK, yes that's bull shit. The photo is from a well known tourist attraction in Ballarat called Sovereign Hill.

I come from a mid-class family in Melbourne, Victoria. My Dad a carpenter and Mum an accountant. My parents divorced when I was 7 and that was shit. But it was amicable and I got over it. Like many single parents my Mum really struggled and looking back she really knocked it out if the park. I guess you do anything for your kids. Thanks Mum!

The Grind

Like every Melbourian my first job was compusly conscription to a quaint restaurant chain called McDonald's. Oh and I CRUSHED IT, by that I mean I was crap. But say what you will about McDonalds, they thought me a lot about the workforce. Out of school my Dad (the hardest of Tradesmen I know) forced me into an Electrical apprenticeship, which I CRUSHED... by that I mean I was shit. You see, I was a fat kid and moving or thinking fast were not my strong suits. My boss would call me "hard way Dave", on account of me always fucking shit up. But I pushed through and soon found my feet in Electrical Industrial Maintenance. This time I fucking CRUSH IT, for real. I discovered the water industry and have never looked back.​


Family Matters

I love my Family!

Lisa and I are high school sweethearts and finally got married in 2010.

In 2012 our beautiful daughter Maple was born and holy shit was that a slap in the face. Being a parent is hard, like really hard and was not ready for it! But we got through it and naively went back for a second. That's when shit got real.

Oakley was sick... I don't mean FULLY SICK 🤘, like really sick. It's one thing to be a parent, but a parent to a sick kid is next level. And truth be told Oakley was not that bad compared to the other kids we saw in the Royal Children's. We finally found out he had FPIES. Luckily he has grown out of it now but I feel 10 year older because of the kid. 

I'm incredibly blessed to have my family and truly can't believe how lucky I am.

The Sky's the Limit

I thought I was busy before kids. Then when I had them I was like "what the fuck did I do with my time before kids". So now my kids are more independent, I'm not wasting a second.

The internet and technology has opened up so many possibilities and love being at the forefront. My philosophy is "Pursuing your curiosities will inevitably lead you to where you want to go" and I miss never opportunity to feed my curiosities! But...

Sometimes what I'm curious in, I have NO IDEA about. So I ask people the do know and so should you. If your curious about Amazon, digital Marketing, website development, property or basically anything tech or investment related, ask me.

Leverage from my wins and failures, I offer 1 hour consults to help you start or continue in the right direction. Can't wait to see here from you!

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